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As a young woman I found myself newly divorced with two young boys and a very demanding job in the telecommunications industry. I was experiencing anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, so my doctor prescribed an antianxiety medicine which I found totally unacceptable because I couldn’t even think. Walking downtown on my lunch hour I went by a storefront advertising a method of meditation that promised peace and clarity and I was so ready for that. So began my journey with Transcendental Meditation taking twenty minutes in the morning and again in the evening. True I had to get up early before my boys were up and also take the time when they were asleep to do my practice. But I was astounded how it changed me and I was able to handle my life without depression and anxiety. I even became able to sit in the busy café on my break at work and calmly meditate.

This was the way I found the discipline and knowing I could take charge of my emotions by turning within and taking that time for myself. It led me to finding a Religious Science church nearby where I became a practitioner and found great comfort in praying for and  leading others to prayer and meditation. After many years of studying the Principles of Truth through the work of Rev. Marcia Sutton and Rev. Lloyd Strom, I was ordained by the Christ Church of Co-Creation.

I founded  the Wings of Prayer Ministry and find joy in teaching others how they too can have a practice that frees them from limited emotions and beliefs to the higher ideals of love, peace, abundance and joy. With the many tools and spiritual practices through the work of Rev. Marcia Sutton, Christ Church of Co-Creation and Rev. Lloyd Strom, NovaTech Ministries, I am grateful to share the resources I have learned to show people how to have a personal relationship with God, their inner Wisdom Self or the Divine within them. I am always filled with joy to watch my clients change and their lives change into the freedom of love. Whether through prayer, confidential spiritual mentoring, Sacred Covenants, ceremonies for Individuals, couples and business, I am truly honored for the opportunity to serve you.

Blessings, Rev. Karen Joy

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