Christ Circle

 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name,

there am I in the midst of them.” …Matthew 18:20

My first experience with the teachings and practices of Rev. Marcia Sutton came with the experience of the Christ Circle. A fellow practitioner, Roger Hannegan, asked me one day at church, if I would like to join him in a Christ Circle. My heart leaped as I had prayed recently to know more fully the Christ Consciousness. This was my start with a long journey of Christ Circles in my life that led my heart to all the works and practices of Rev. Dr. Marcia Sutton and Rev. Lloyd Strom. But the Christ Circle has been my anchor and I have been deeply blessed my doing a Christ Circle each week these many years.


My heart is deeply grateful for Rev. Marcia Sutton’s inspiration to create a Sacred Covenant for the Christ Circle and then like that of St. Paul to form ‘house churches'. Thus it created a way through our prayer agreements to expand the Power of God’s love into our ministries and the lives of all whom we serve. Through her divine inspirations we have been blessed and I know she is blessed beyond measure in the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Thus the Wings of Prayer Ministry was loved into being. I know and have witnessed how the Power of God’s love has opened the door for those who have attended a Christ Circle to move into their consciousness and change them for Good and this love moves into the lives of those around them.


We can learn, read and talk about Spiritual Truths but we all want to have the experience. We want a safe place to come and feel, sense and be part of the experience of meditation and prayer in a group where love is expanded out into our lives and the lives of those we love and all humanity. Simply put the Christ Circle is a place you come where you can confess one to another without any feedback but with deep listening, a place you can experience the agreement prayer for your intention, "I hear you. I see you. I agree with you; and the Christ in me supports your prayer with Love. Amen."

We experience chanting together which is an agreement prayer, speaking a Praising Prayer and reading Spiritual Truths out loud as a group.   Most of all you will experience the love of Christ within your own heart and mind.


Ernest Holmes in his essay on Group Spiritual Practice says: “When a group of people come together with one accord and with one thought, a greater Power is generated. Not because the Creative Principle responds to a number of people more than It does to one, but because the combined faith of a group reaches a higher level of acceptance. Therefore, group spiritual practice should be definitely performed with the purpose in mind of arriving at a deeper conviction.”

Rev. Marcia Sutton created a Christ Circle Covenant with the Purpose word: Love and our Vision: Growing Together in the Revelation of Christ. We stand on the scripture in Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” And so we come together in the power of agreement. "It is sometimes humbling to have to ask for agreement and support however we should never forget humility opens us to grace."



With deep humility I offer my assistance and each Board member of the Wings of Prayer offer their assistance in creating a Christ Circle in your home, church or  place of gathering. You can form a Christ Circle with family members, friends or church members. We offer you to join our Christ Circle until you become familiar and feel comfortable to form your own. We now meet every Monday except the last Monday of the month.  Evenings at 6:30 pm EST thru Zoom calls.

We also offer a periodic Zoom calls to further expand and answer questions concerning this Group Spiritual Practice.

You can contact any one of us through e-mail or visit our individual web sites posted below, on how to start your own Christ Circle and we will respond a.s.a.p.

Blessings, Rev. Karen Gifford


The Agreement Prayer

"I hear you. I see you. I agree with you; and the Christ in me

supports your  prayer with Love. Amen."